Home Tea Parties Available upon request. Let me bring the tea party to you.

****Home Tea Parties Available upon request. Let me bring the tea party to you.**** $40 will get you 5 different kinds of tea for up to 8 people. .50 a mile- the first 5 miles are free. I would love to bring my love of tea and tea knowledge to you and your friends. -Kerrie's Cup of Tea, Cuppa and Kettle Cafe

Wednesday, May 22, 2019

National Bubble Tea Day

April 30 was National Bubble Tea day, so I HAD to make tea for my peeps at work.
I made plan bubble tea and almond bubble tea.

I had to say everyone liked the tea, but not everyone like the bubble.  The bubbles are tapioca balls, I love to chew on them- but not everyone does.

I like to make bubble tea and drink it hot or cold.  My favorite flavors are mango, Almond, coconut, lavender, and plain.
I get my mixes from Amazon.  I find the mix is easy and instant!  The tea you just add water and BOOM- you have tea.  The bubbles take about 5 minutes.  Super easy.  Also, I would get the bigger straws so you can suck up the balls.

To make the tapioca balls- I take 1/3 cup of balls and 3 cups water.  I bring the water to a boil. Once it is boiling, I turn the water down and add the balls.  I stir it occasionally and after 3-4 minutes they are ready.  I rinse them in cold water to stop "cooking".  They are only good for about 24 hours after you make them.  I also keep a little cold water on the balls so that they don't get too hard and clump together.

Monday, May 20, 2019

Gong Fu Tea class at Ohio Tea Company

I  signed up for another one of the classes at Ohio Tea Company. If you have not heard me say it before, I love Ohio Tea Company in Canton.  There is no place around her like them, they have great tea and are so helpful!  They had a Gong Fu Tea Class for $20.00 and then we all got to keep our Gaiwan tea cup.
There were 6 of us and our teacher, it was a lot of fun to learn about the Gong Fu Tea Ceremony.

What is Gong Fu you ask??
"The gongfu tea ceremony or kung fu tea ceremony (Chinese: 工夫茶 or 功夫茶), is a kind of Chinese tea ceremony, involving the ritual preparation and presentation of tea. It is probably based on the tea preparation approaches originated in Fujian and the Chaoshan area of eastern Guangdong. The term literally means "making tea with skill". Today, the approach is used popularly by teashops carrying tea of Chinese origins, and by tea connoisseurs as a way to maximize the taste of a tea selection, especially a finer one." Wikipedia. 

We started out by putting some Tie Guan Yin tea in our Gaiwan Cup. Instead of 1 tsp of tea, you add 2-3 tsp. We then added hot (but not boiling) water.   The first time we rinse the leaves, you pour the water on the leaves for a few seconds and then pour it out- this wakes your tea up.  You do no drink that tea.  (If you have a tea pet- you can pour that tea on your tea pet)  We then got more water, do not fill up the cup, but do cover the tea leaves, we let it steep for 20-25 seconds or so  (with the lid on) and then we pour it into our cup.

From the website, "Tie Guan Yin is sweet and thick with a hint of orchid aftertaste. The look of this brew is a subtle yellowish-green, and the first steeping unfurls the rolled tea leaf to reveal large, juicy green leaves. It tastes much like its aroma: Bright and incredibly fresh, with sweet, mellow grassy undertones. This oolong holds up to a surprising number of re-steepings, rewarding the palette with various incarnations of sweet, smooth, tangy, and lively flavors.

Extra Info:

The name Tie Guan Yin (Iron Goddess of Mercy) came from a farmer named Mr. Wei. At the temple dedicated to Guan Yin he was asked what is the name of his special tea. It must be called Ti Kuan Yin in honor of the iron statue to Guan Yin he replied. As the name was a good one, it has never been changed.


Spring 2016 Tie Guan Yin oolong tea,


Imported Directly: Anxi, Fujian, China"

We tried to pour it with one hand.  We did this over and over again...like 7 times.  After the first steep, you steep it again for less time, like 8-10 seconds. 

Each time we added water the leaves opened up more and more.  The taste wasn't too bad.  It was different, but not bad.


This was one of the last times, you can see how full the cup is with the leaves.

We had fun tasting the tea and talking about it. The tea is all natural and you can even eat it you want.  I tasted it, I would not have it as a snack, but it wasn't bad.

After tasting the first tea about 8 times, we tried another kind of Gong Fu Tea.  

This was a Pu-erh tea.

This was the second tea I tried. And I have to say it was terrible.  It smelled like a barn and tasted like hay.  I tried every round, thinking that the taste would lighten up and I would be able to handle it.  But, I couldn't do it!

You start the same way.  You rinse the leaves and then steep for seconds and then pour into your cup and drink.

I would try the tea and then pour it into the jar. I wasn't the only one who could not handle to taste of the tea. There were a few of us who poured our tea out.  But, there were also a few who enjoyed the tea.  It just proves that everyone was different taste buds- what someone may love you may not like and what you may love others may find nasty.  So, try all kinds of teas, don't be afraid to try something new.

This tea was dark and very strong.

We did about 7 rounds of this tea too.  Oh my, this tea is unique. But, glad I tried it.

Don't let this smile fool you, this tea was awful!!  lol!!

We got the Gaiwan cup set and towel free, then I purchased the cup to drink from.  It has a hole in the bottom and the cup has double wall- it keeps the tea warmer.

For my birthday my aunt got me this Gong Fu Ceremonial tea set!  So excited to use it!

Sunday, May 19, 2019

Crown College mug

I am happy to be sporting my Crown College tumbler.  I was only there a semester when it was Crown.  When I went there it was SPBC- St Paul Bible College.

1989 when I went to check out the college.

I loved my time in Minnesota and at St Paul bible College (SPBC). I picked SPBC because of the winters!!   SPBC is a Christian & Missionary Alliance College (C&MA).  I was debating between St Paul  Bible College and Toccoa Falls.  I picked SPBC because of the colder winters.  I wasn't disappointed either, we got the Halloween Blizzard my freshman year, 31" in 24 hours!
We joke in our family that we have all but one of the 5 C&MA colleges covered and that I need to marry someone from the California college, Simpson.  My older sister went to Nyack in New York and she married a guy who went to the Canadian Bible College.  Then my younger sister went to Toccoa in Georgia.   Then I went to St Paul.  The only school left is Simpson.  If you know a single man in his mid to late 40's who went to Simpson, let me know- lol!

I have so many wonderful memories at this college!  I met so many life long friends there, it was a great time in my life.   My major was El Ed with a missions minor.  I always thought I would be a missionary overseas, but when I dropped out of college to move home an deal with medical issues I hoped my dreams weren't dying there.  

I am only a semester away from graduation with my associates degree.  I left SPBC/Crown in 1992 when I was diagnosed with a chemical imbalance.

So far, God has not opened an opportunity for me to live overseas serving Him, but He has opened doors for me to serve on part time basis.  In 2006 I went to Africa, 2013 Spain, 2015 France, 2016 Spain, 2017 Thailand, 2018 Africa, and 2019 Malaysia.

I trust God with my life.  He knows best.  I thought I'd be married, that has not happened yet.  I thought I'd be a mom by now, but realize that isn't going to happen.  And lastly I thought I'd be living overseas.  The way I planned my life hasn't happened, but God has blessed me with so much.  I need to continue to trust Him.  It's more important for me to trust Him then for me to try to make the things I want to have happen have happen.  I've has a good stable job for over 15 years and it has allowed me to travel on the mission trips I have had.  I have a home I love, and I living near my family.  But, if God did call me tomorrow to move overseas I would go.  And who knows maybe someday He will provide a husband for me...and maybe that man will have children and I will get to be a mom.  In the "waiting" I will live my life to the fullest trusting Him.

How does this tie in to tea you ask? Someday maybe I will work overseas in a Tea Cafe , teach English and share about the love of Jesus.  Maybe I will work with tea in there states.  No matter where I am or what I am doing I will be drinking tea and sharing the love of Jesus.

SPBC College fun: