Monday, February 11, 2019

Ohio Tea Co - trip to the shop in Canton

After Christmas my mom, sisters, and niece went shopping.  When asked where I wanted to go, the only place I wanted to stop was the Ohio Tea Co.

I am a huge fan of these tea shop.  I love their teas and supplies.

Here I am with my favorite niece!!!  I just love her and her heart for others.  She is such a delight!!!

You need to stop in to the Ohio Tea Co if you are in the area.  The staff are really helpful and friendly.

Every month you can get a free 1/2 oz of any tea...if you are on their mailing list.  I got Peach Oolong.  I can't wait to try it.

I also purchased this vanilla mint chai.  I am a huge huge fan of this tea.  I made it the other day at work for my co-workers.  I made it with water and I have to say I was not  fan.  But when I make it with almond milk it is delicious!!!
That is why I say to play with your tea. Check and be sure your water temperature is correct, your steeping time is accurate.  And now I say try milk instead of water.  I like my black tea with milk, but now maybe try no water and use entire milk instead.
When I make chai I use milk and sometimes even sugar.  This is not one of the chai teas that need sugar.