Saturday, September 14, 2019

Angie’s Gardens - Sweet Relief

My friend was in Texas and she brought me this tea.  This is a really nice tea.  I love the elderberry in this tea.  I so far have only done this tea cold brew, but in the winter I am looking forward to making it.

I think this might be the first tea I have ever had with nettles in it.  I have had two not fun experiences with stinging nettle.  Have you ever experienced stinging nettle?  Oh man! It is awful!  Once when I was in France for a mission trip I stepped/fell into stinging nettle, my hands and ankles blistered and hurt for close to 20 minutes.  It was a horrible feeling.  Then I went geocahing and I stepped in some, again for 15-20 minutes I had blistering and stinging. I hope that you never come across stinging nettle.

Thankfully the nettle in this tea did not sting!!!

A fast acting, fruity for allergy and sinus relief. Made from elderberry, nettles, cinnamon, sarsaparilla, honey bush, rosemary and licorice.

Undergrounds Cafe, Hibiscus Mint Chai Frozen Latte, Woster Oh

A few weeks ago I discovered this cute underground cafe. I found myself here again to get a little something to drink.

The gal behind the counter is so helpful.   She told explained what they had and that I could get any of the tea hot, cold, or frozen.

Of course, I had to go visit my knight in shining armor again!

This place is well lit, clean and has plenty of seating.

The treats looked inviting. Maybe next time I will indulge.

I ordered the frozen chai. Everything was blended up in the blender.  It was cold, refreshing and a pretty pink color.  I think a lot of the flavors come from syrups, but I may try to make a hibiscus mint tea and blend it to get a frozen smoothie.  I liked the concept. 

I enjoyed the hibiscus Mint Chai Frozen Latte.

Find this shop right downtown Wooster.

Friday, September 13, 2019

Pioneer Coffeehouse, Hugo Rainer Cold Brew, Dalton Oh

I was excited when I went back to Pioneer Coffeehouse that they had gotten their Hugo Tea in.  I really wanted to try it.  The owner was showing me the individual tea pots that they had with timers for their tea.  I was impressed and can't wait to come back and try an Oolong their at the store.

Today I was on my way somewhere, so I just got an cold brew tea to go. I got their Rainer, which is a wonderful peppermint tea from Washington State.  I have family out in Washington, so I knew I wanted to try that tea.

The peppermint tea was really flavorful.  I loved it.  The aroma was great and there was no doubt you were getting some good peppermint!!

There was a nice amount of tea in the bag.  So much so I was able to do a cold brew when I got home.  Just adding cold water and ice too it.   It was like getting a cup for free.

Hugo is a nice tea, I was impressed with my first cup of it.  Looking forward to going back and trying more.

Super Tea Infusions, Lemon Tea

When I was in Malaysia I was given this tea by a friend to try.  I was a little unsure being an instant tea what it would taste like.  But, I knew I wanted to try it- if for no other reason than to blog about it for all of you.

I looked to see if I could learn anything about the tea, but the only hit sI received was in Amazon about the Chrysanthemum flavor someone selling some tea on ebay and an ethic store in New York.  If what I have learned on the internet is true, this tea is from Malaysia.  Which is super cool since that is where my friend gave it to me.

I enjoyed the tea.  It was rather sweet, but it was good.  The lemon flavor was good, not artificial tasting which can easily happen in instant drinks.  It was very fun to try,  I am glad my friend gave it to me.  It's a real joy for me to try new teas and experience new things.

Taking my cuppa out to the garden to enjoy my tea with my flowers...

Thursday, September 12, 2019

Qbubble Tea Taro Powder with Bursting Boba

When I was in Malaysia I discovered Taro.  Taro is like a purple potato.  I had Taro Ice Cream and it was amazing!!  I knew that there was a Taro Bubble Tea, so I decided to try it.

This is Taro powder.  I like it, it has that earthy root taste.  It reminds me of Penang Malaysia. 

I used the Taro Powder and made tea with it.

I then took and added bursting bubbles.  Now, that is a fun addition!!!  They are not as hard as the tapioca balls and there is syrup inside!  Such a fun treat.

What  fun drink!  The Taro flavor may not be for everyone, but I am enjoying it.

Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Peets's Coffee, Hibiscus Tea Fog, Portland OR

Almost a year to the day that I was out in PNW I was flying out there again.  I try to fly out once a year to see my sister and her family.  Last year as I was leaving Portland I had a Peets Hibiscus Fog and it was wonderful.  I could not wait to have it again, but sadly we do not have Peets in the Midwest.

This Hibiscus Tea Fog has lemonade and honey in it.  It s a great floral blend.  When they pour it into the cup it appears to have three layers- darkest pink tea up to a light pretty froth.  I love it, it is a super fun refreshing drink.

My sister has a Peets about 5 minutes from the house, I may have to run over for another before I leave the area.

Simply Balanced Log Fog Tea Latte concentrate

I tried this Simply Balanced London Fog Tea Latte, I threw it out.  It tasted like perfume. 

I tried it hot with almond milk and cold with almond milk.  I could not finish either drink,  The flavors were so strong and not in a good way.  For me this is  hard pass.

Simply Balance is a Target brand

Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Oolong Watermelon cold brew tea, Ohio Tea Company

Every month if you register with Ohio Tea Company, you can get a free 1/2 oz tea free every month.  I got the Watermelon Oolong and I have to say that I love it cold brewed!!!  I love Oolong.  It is my favorite kind of tea, it is really smooth.

I am a big fan of cold brew, especially in the summer.  Have you made cold brew before?  It's super easy and super quick to make.  And you can keep adding water to your cup, since it is not steeped in hot water you don't release the tannins and the tea is not bitter and you can brew it several times before it looses the flavor.

Use about 1tsp per 8 oz, I add ice cubes to water and the glass is ready to drink in a few minutes.
 1oz per gallon of water. Add loose tea to cold water in a jar and let steep for a few hours in the refrigerator.

This is a great tea. Very refreshing and perfect for summer.  Watermelon tea may sound odd, but you need to try it.  See how great and refreshing it is!

From the website, 

"Oolong (sometimes pronounced 'wul√ɳng') is a traditional Chinese tea ranging from 10% to 70% oxidation -- between green and black tea.
In Chinese tea culture, semi-oxidized oolong teas are collectively grouped as qingcha, literally: blue-green tea. It has a taste more akin to green tea than to black tea: it lacks the rosy, sweet aroma of black tea but it does not have the stridently grassy vegetal notes that typify green tea.
The best Oolong has a nuanced flavor profile. Oolong tea leaves are often processed and rolled into long curly leaves or into ball-like form similar to gunpowder tea. It is commonly served in Chinese restaurants, to accompany dim sum and other Chinese food."

I love this tea shop in Canton.  They do a great job of sourcing the best loose leaf tea.

Storehouse Tea, Jasmine Iced Tea

I was in Cleveland with my friend, for my Wednesday Wanderings.  I was hoping to visit Storehouse Tea...but they were closed.  But, I was then pleasantly surprised to find Storehouse Tea being sold at the West Side Market.

Storehouse Tea is Cleveland based.  It was started in 2007.  I like that they stand for and the things they have on their website.  

Check out their Back to Jerusalem Tea!
From the website, "You can play a vital role in bringing hope to children displaced by ISIS when purchasing this tea. Proceeds will go to support the building and operation of a school for Yazidi children in a northern Iraq refugee camp. Without education in this critical time of their lives they might likely end up being a part of the very group that caused them to flee from their homes in the first place. Together we can make a difference!"

I really enjoyed the Jasmine Iced Tea.  I am fan of jasmine tea, I like the lightly floral tea.  This was a good ice tea very natural flavors.

Here are other sights from around West Side Market in Cleveland.....

The fruits and vegetables all looked so good and fresh.

These meringues looked so good, I was tempted to buy one!!!!

No relation, but spelled correctly!

Again, no relation that I know of, but, it is spelled correctly.

Tempting looking food...