Home Tea Parties Available upon request. Let me bring the tea party to you.

****Home Tea Parties Available upon request. Let me bring the tea party to you.**** $40 will get you 5 different kinds of tea for up to 8 people. .50 a mile- the first 5 miles are free. I would love to bring my love of tea and tea knowledge to you and your friends. -Kerrie's Cup of Tea, Cuppa and Kettle Cafe

Saturday, March 25, 2023

Holmes County Outing at Rebecca's and Buggy Brew

After about 14 days of being stuck at home recovery from shoulder surgery I had an outing with my parents and my aunt.

We headed to Holmes County to Rebecca's Bistro in Walnut Creek and Buggy Brew in Berlin.

I had $10 free for my birthday and since we were  3 days before my birthday it was a great time to use my $10 at Sheiyah Market.  Mom and I also enjoyed Chai Lattes at Buggy Brew, which is inside the store.

The chai is really good. The price is good, the staff is super friendly and the taste is great.  

They were kind enough to honor my $10- even though they had expired by a few days...  I bought these beautiful earrings.  There are lots of fun things in this store!!

I have my sling bling on and we are headed out...it is crazy how excited I was to be out of the house, lol!  But, also we were headed to Rebecca's Bristro- which I love.

Our waitress was so kind to put a candle in my bread- celebrating my outing and my birthday!!  How sweet is she???

I ordered the Sweet Potato Bowl- it was fantastic!!  My mom tasted it and said that she wished she had ordered it too.

I then treated my self to some cake.  It was not gluten free, so I had to eat it over several days...plus it was huge and no need to eat it at one time.

It was some of my favorite flavors...lemon and blueberry- it was incredible!!!

Friday, March 24, 2023

Bridal Tea

I have my favorite volunteer with me today!!!  My mom is helping me host a tea for 31 in Vemilion Ohio.

If you follow me on a regular basis, you might know how special Beulah Beach is to me.  I have been coming up to this camp my entire life and when I was 8 I told the Lord I wanted to serve Him full time how ever He wanted.  
So, it is super special that I am combing my passion with serving the Lord with my passion of serving tea back at Beulah!!

One of my friends, who I have known since high school, asked me to do tea for her daughters bridal shower.  Below is a picture of when we met.  I went to a weekend retreat and I was roomed with all these gals, one of which was Emily.  God gave me a friend for life that day.

Now over 30 years later I am hosting tea for her daughters bridal shower.

I served 5 teas at the Bridal Shower.

The bride grew up in Africa, so I did a tea that was called African Summer and a tea where the leaves were from Africa- Little Berry Hibiscus.
Since the groom grew up in Columbia, I picked a tea from Columbia. Andean Moonlight.
Also, the bride, her mom, my cousin and I took at trip to New York together in 2014, I did a New York Tea- Soho.
Then lastly the wedding is in the summer, I had Wild Strawberry tea.

I am happy to cater the teas to you and your wants and needs.  

Each attendee was given a tea menu to see what was being served.  Also, if there were any allergies they could see what was in each tea.

We set the teas up buffet style.    I shared about the teas in a general way and then stood by the teas and answered questions and shared more about them at the table.

So much fun to serve and hang out with my mom.

The ladies who hosted the shower did a fantastic job with the food!  It looked gorgeous and tasted great.

Christine, Emily, and I have been friends for years.  I love these ladies.  They dear godly women that I cherish.  It was a honor to be asked to be a part of this day.

In 2014 the 4 of us took a bus trip to NYC....

Here we are 9 years later....

Soon to be bride and groom.

I was only at my beach for a few honors, but I did get to see the Lake....

Let me know if I can be part of your special day or just a get together with friends.
I can make the tea educational or just serve the tea and let you do your thing.  Whatever you need I try to suit your needs.

Sunday, March 19, 2023

Tea birthday party

I headed about 45 minutes south for a birthday party the other day.  So much fun to get out and meet new people and share tea with new people.

I will bring the party to you.  I charge .50 a mile, and the first 5 miles are free.  But, if you really don't want to host or pay for mileage, I can host your party at my home as an option. 

This was a birthday party for one in her 20's...how fun is that?????

I had 5 teas and we did them mystery style.  The guests smelled the tea leaves and tasted the tea and then tried to guess what the teas they were drinking were.

It was fun and they did really well, I only stumped them on one, and eventually they figured that one out too.

I made the butterfly pea iced tea that is always a hit.  

The tea is blue before lemons (Citrus) is added...

Then once citrus is added, it turns a beautiful purple color.  

The mom of the birthday girl rocked the decor for this party.  The napkins were roses in the cups.  So many beautiful touches all throughout the house.

The mother also made this super fun teapot pennant rope.

And these cookies!!  Almost too cute to eat.  A lady in Kilbuck made these...and I was given one and it was delicious!!

They had lots of goodies on the table too.

The guests nibbled on their treats as I shared tea with them.

I served tea, told a little bit about the tea- except for what tea it actually was.

I gave some fun tea facts about tea and how to prepare tea as they tasted and tried to guess what tea they were drinking.

Even with one arm I was able to share tea.  I had shoulder surgery on February 14th, but it won't stop me from serving tea.

Smelling teas and trying to figure out what might be in the tea.

The fun fact here...the host and I found out that we work together and didn't know it at first!!!  

I work at an insurance company and she works at an insurance agency.  Before we met, we worked together via emails.  She reached out last fall to my work email and asked if I was Kerrie, from Kerrie's  Cup of Tea.  I said I was!!  Small world.  She said followed my Facebook page.  We finally met in December at a Christmas tea I did and now have become friends outside of work.

Only in the country are you going to see this!!!  Never be in a hurry when in Holmes County!!

I was given a plate of goodies to take home. YUM!!