Home Tea Parties Available upon request. Let me bring the tea party to you.

****Home Tea Parties Available upon request. Let me bring the tea party to you.**** $40 will get you 5 different kinds of tea for up to 8 people. .50 a mile- the first 5 miles are free. I would love to bring my love of tea and tea knowledge to you and your friends. -Kerrie's Cup of Tea, Cuppa and Kettle Cafe

Saturday, November 16, 2019

Allegheny Coffee & Tea Exchange, Herbal Berry Essence

Organic herbal tea with hibiscus, chamomile, rooibos and rosehips

A gal at work picked up this tea in PA. She was kind enough to let me try it. I would have to say the aroma was really great. The flavor was just okay. It had chamomile AND rooibos in it, I don't care for either of those things. But, saying that, neither of those flavors were super strong, so it was okay.

I did actually finish my cup, which doesn't always happen when a tea has chamomile or rooibos in it...and this one had both.

Friday, November 15, 2019

Plum Ginger Hibiscus Tea, Panera

Went to see Downton Abbey with my parents and aunt.  It was really good, I loved it.  I brought props with me, just for the fun of it.

After the movie we headed to Panera.  They have such great food.  I got the Spicy Thai salad- it is my favorite.  I then tried their Plum Ginger Hibiscus tea.  It is great and SUGAR FREE!
This tea is also caffeine free sine it is an herbal tea.  The plum plays nicely with hibiscus and I actually don't even notice the ginger.  Try it next time you are there.

I love that the cups tell you the sugar in the drinks.  A cola has over 17 teaspoons of sugar in it, the Plum Ginger Hibiscus tea has ZERO sugar.  I love that.  And the flavor is really good.

Such a fun night with the "seniors" in my life.  I love spending time with them.  I joked that our outing was there wellness check and that they passed.

Thursday, November 14, 2019

DelighTeas, Ayurvedic Golden Milk Tea Latte

I love a golden milk latte...and to know that the turmeric is good for my joints is a bonus.  I have struggled with my joints most of my life.  When I was 8 I had Rheumatic Fever and my joints swelled and were really painful.  My dad had to carry me up and down the stairs.  I also have arthritis today and it is rough on my joints.

The golden milk is a powder mix that dissolves in the water.  I pour boiling water in my cup and use a small teaspoon of powder, I stir it in  until dissolved,  I then add my frothed milk.  I sometimes splurge and add maple syrup to my milk as I froth.

From the website, "The health benefits of this tea are achieved by the unique combination of its ingredients*:
  • TURMERIC: Curcumin is the main active ingredient in turmeric. It has a powerful anti-inflammatory effect and is a very strong antioxidant.
  • CEYLON CINNAMON: One of the most delicious and healthiest spices on the planet, loaded with a powerful antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties.
  • GINGER: Highly potent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory agent; energizer and stimulator. Ginger root can help relieve upset stomach, indigestion and nausea.
  • BLACK PEPPER: Increases absorption of the turmeric, improves digestion and acts as an anti-inflammatory agent."

I sprinkled a little nutmeg on the latte.  It is super delicious!!!

Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Elderflower Prosecco Bird and Blend Tea (Elderflower Champagne)

Chinese oolong tea, elderflower, lemon verbena, apple pieces, orange peel, lemon peel, hibiscus, rosehip.

I made cold brew in this pitcher.  This is light tea with a hint of floral.  It is super light, almost hard to detect.  This might be one of my least favorite of Bird and Blend Teas.  I like something with more flavor.  I also love oolong, but I don't pick up any of the oolong flavor either.  I guess I am not going to fall in love with all of their teas, lol.

Cold brew is a great way to drink tea.  By not heating it, you are not releasing the tannins and you can add cold water over and over again. Also you retain more antioxidants than hot brew and also it releases only have the caffeine.  I usually can add water 2-3 more times to my glass or  pitcher of water.    

If I have bagged tea I do one bag per 8 oz of water.  When I do the loose leaf in a pitcher, I generally eye ball it, but if you want something more specific go with 4 Tbsp per 1 quart.

This tea used to be called Elderflower Champagne, but it is now Elderflower Prosecco.

You can also do cold brew by putting loose leaf in a empty tea bag and steep in the cold water.

Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Salty Caramel Pumpkin, Ohio Tea Company

This is my favorite tea, really!!!  I love the salty and caramel flavors that linger.  The aroma is a wonderful bonus too.

It's always great to store tea in dark, air tight containers!  I know that glass storage looks pretty, but it is not good to let the light in on your tea.  Ohio Tea Company has great prices on their tea canisters.  They have a nice selection of sizes too.  I keep the teas I love in canisters, I have kept tea for over 3 years in canisters.  I know they say that tea is not good for that long, but I think it is fine...and you can always add a little more tea if you think the flavor is week.

From the website, "This amber colored brew offers a slight pumpkin flavor without the spice and a salty caramel taste on the end. The perfect cup for fall.


Black tea, marigold petals with pumpkin and caramel flavoring"

This tea is so great.  I love the blending of flavors.  The pumpkin flavor is subtle, but it is there.  The caramel flavor is what I taste the most, it's not super strong, it's there and I love it.  The salty flavor is what lingers in the end with hints of caramel. Not sure how they did it, but I love it.  
I have found one of my favorite ways is with milk...and then even better, is milk with maple syrup. 

I bought 2 oz of this tea, then I tried it, and knew I needed more!!  I then bought 6 ounces!!  My co-workers also loved it, and they purchased some as well.  In the past there was only one other tea that I liked in the fall, for a seasonal tea.  There was a pumpkin burlee that is no longer made.  I figured I'd never find a great pumpkin tea again...then I did!

This tea is great as a latte.  Frothed milk with maple syrup and then I sprinkled nutmeg on top.  You need to try this one!!!!!

Ohio Tea Company
Canton, Ohio

Monday, November 11, 2019

Stash, Christmas Eve

Okay, I did not enjoy this tea...I could not even finish it.  It had an "oily" taste and I felt like it left a film in my mouth.  The aroma of the tea was nice, but that is where it ended for me.

Sorry, this was two thumbs down for me, despite the smile.

Sunday, November 10, 2019

Oliver Pluff & Co, Mango

A co-worker picked up this tea in PA.  She bought it to work so I could try it.  I have to say it was really good!!!

I enjoyed this tea, it was bright and fruity. I was able to get two really nice cups from one bag.  This is definitely good quality tea.

orange pekoe black tea, marigold, mango flavor

Oliver Pluff & Company is a Veteran Owned Small Business in Charleston South Carolina