Saturday, January 30, 2021

Angel Falls Coffee Co, Pumpkin Chai

The day after Thanksgiving was a great day to get out and do a little tea hunting.  I had never gone tea tasting in the Fairlawn, Ohio area, so I spent the day hoping from one tea place to another. 

This cafe has all kinds of food and drink choices.  I was excited to find a place to eat where I could eat inside.  This place seemed like a local hang out, or at least a lot of people seemed to know each other.  There were many places to sit and everything was really clean. 

I decided to try the egg salad and pumpkin chai.

I went with the chai.  I watched the barista, he went to great effort , there were all kinds of steps he went through to make the chai.  It was a bit sweet, but other than that it was really good.  I also got more pumpkin then chai flavor...I was hoping for a nice mix of flavors.

The egg salad sandwich was good, but overpriced.

It is a cute little shop. I liked the neighborhood.

I gave this chai latte only 4 tea cups because it was a bit sweet and I got more pumpkin than chai.  Also the price was a bit high.

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