Monday, September 19, 2016

Teavana Dragon Fruit Devotion

Making some iced tea. Using my new tea that I got when I bought the iced tea set at an auction.

Vibrant hibiscus balanced with sweet dragonfruit, guava and mango
The enticing flavors of this fruit-ladendelight are steeped with a delicious medley of dragonfruit, orange, mango, guava, and luscious strawberry. It's a tropical journey, soothed with the lush tropical fragrance of rose and orange flower blossoms.

I followed the directions on the back of the bag.  It told me how much tea to put in, what the water temp should be, and how long to steep.  IT IS SO IMPORTANT to follow those directions. If your water is too hot when using a white tea, for example, you burn the leaves.  If you steep it a tea for too long it gets bitter.  They have those exact directions there for a reason.

Smells really good!  Nice thing to note about Teavana is that it is all natural.  You can eat anything that is in the bag.

I put the tea in the steeper add water and let it steep

add ice for iced tea

This tea was good.  Might be my favorite from the selection that was in the box.  It was a little sweet, so it was not one I would probably drink a lot of in one day.  But, it was still very good.
Below is the sunset at Beulah Beach. Oh, how I love this place!!!

Beulah Beach

My other purchase at the auction.  The lady behind me doesn't know what to think!!!!  I since have painted my electric scooter purple!

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