Friday, May 4, 2018

taste testing raspberry tea- Brisk vs Golden Peak

Want to know why people are so over weight???  It is the sugar in the drinks we drink!!!  I am not a huge fan of bottled teas- they are too artificial tasting and too sweet.  And after doing some research on the sugars of teas I no longer want any of them!!!  I have given up soda, and now I thinking maybe all bottled drinks in general. Loose leaf tea and Kombucha is the way for me!

I was was thirsty and busy at work so in a weak moment I went to a local gas station and picked up two teas to taste.

If you drank this entire of bottle Lipton tea you'd have almost 3x time sugar that a woman should have in a day. 8 oz has 23 grams of sugar!!!  A woman should not have more than 37.5 grams of sugar for the ENTIRE DAY- according to the American Heart Association.

Gold Peak was my pick over the two teas, but I still had to add water to it too- it was waaay to sweet for me.  Gold Peak 12 oz had 32 grams of sugar.  DO not waste your sugar on these overly sweet teas!! 

All in all of the two teas I liked Gold Peak Tea best, but I am giving up bottled tea now.  Just too much sugar and the the taste is not like real tea anyway.

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