Sunday, June 3, 2018

Raging Sage Gold Rush Tea and a Tea cozy

So, on Sunday my friend (who had just gotten back form a mission trip) said to me,  "I am working on something for you and it should be done soon".  I asked what, and she said it was a surprise.  Boy, was I curious!!!  I thought maybe she learned a new recipe and wanted to try it out on me.

Monday she messaged me and asked if I wanted to stop in for a spot of tea.  I said for sure!!!  It had been a super stressful day, so a spot of tea sounded perfect.  Now, I was thinking that she had learned to make a new tea.

When I walked in her house I saw this adorable set up.  I was so excited, it was just what I needed- tea and treats!  I told her I loved the tea cozy.  She asked if I knew what it was, I said sure, it was a Volkswagen.

She said it was and it was for me!!  I was blown away.  She said she spent the 18 hours of traveling knitting this purple Volkswagen camper for me!!!  My love language is gifts, I was so touched by the thoughtfulness.  What an incredible gift!!!!

She saw on one of my other posts the purple Volkswagen camper then about a week later she received an knitting email and this was the pattern.  she said she knew she had to make it.  How amazingly sweet and thoughtful was this??!!!

I love the front lights and the tail lights.  so fun!!!

Heidi made Raging Sage- Gold Rush Tea.  It is her favorite tea from Tuscon AZ.  We enjoyed cookies, cheese, crackers, chocolate covered pumpkin seeds, and tea.

GOLD RUSH- Passionfruit, mango, black teacornflower, blue mallow blossoms, marigold petalssafflower, and natural tropical fruit flavoring.

She asked if I new what the license plate said....I said KCOT1.  She asked if I knew what it meant, I said no.  She said it was for Kerrie's Cup of Tea 1.  How clever is that??

My first ever tea cozy!!!  I had never bought one cause I could never find the perfect cozy.  This is the perfect cozy.  Fits me to a "tea".

she also knitted the phi skirt- it took her a year.  its incredible!!!!

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