Saturday, June 30, 2018

Superior Pho Mango Bubble Tea

I've been enjoying this summer quite a bit.  We are doing compressed work weeks at my office.  That means four 10 hour days, giving me a day off in the middle of the week!!  How fun is that?  I have a day off in the middle of week along with the entire weekend.  My office rocks!!!

My friend Heidi, who is a teacher, has her summer off so decided to take advantage of both having Wednesday off.  She asked if I was up for an adventure and try a place that neither of us had ever been too.  I said sure and then she added that there was bubble tea!!!  Game on!!

We headed to Cleveland to try some Vietnamese Pho.  It was a rainy day, but the traffic was fairly light.  We got there in just over an hour.

It took us three tries, but we finally found the correct restaurant.  We first went to Superior Deli and then to Pusion, and then realized that Superior Pho was around back;

We each ordered Pho and mango bubble tea.  I got Pho Soup and a Vietnamese sandwich Combination plate.  It was fantastic.  Nothing beats that fresh taste.  The broth was incredible. I ordered a meatless Pho.  My broth and noddle soup came with a side of things to add to it.   I added lime, bean sprouts and Thai basil ( I avoided the jalapeno peppers)

My friend, Heidi, reminded me not to worry about American etiquette when eating.  Slurping was okay and expected.

AMAZING!!!!!  The bubble tea was very good,  It was thick- almost like a smoothie.

The restaurant had a wall full of praises!  I would recommend this place!

I then looked and saw we were 3.9 miles from a tea place I wanted to visit, so we headed there next.  Ah, the joys of a big city- so many wonderful places to try!!

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