Thursday, October 4, 2018

Peets -Mighty Leaf Wildberry Hibiscus Tea Fog

Getting up at a 4 am is not something I enjoy.  I kept telling myself itself was 7 am at home in Ohio.  It didn't help, lol.  I hate mornings, but flying out  of PDX at 6:30 meant being at the airport at 5:30.

I was excited to see right by gate was a tea shop!!  And this Tea Fog was like nothing I had ever tried.  It was delicious!!!   There was a hibiscus blossoms and elderberry black tea mixed with lemonade and then a smooth honey.  It was fluffy and wonderful.  I enjoyed it a lot!!!

If you ever get a chance to try a Peets Fog drink, do it!!!

They have several flavors- Green tea tropical fog, Summer Solstice Fog, and Matcha.

Wildberry Hibiscus Tea Fog

Floral and tart, this herbal infusion's berry flavors pair perfectly with bright lemonade and smooth honey. Blended slightly and served over ice, it's a lush, fresh drinking experience.

Leaving Portland the sunrise was amazing!!

Can you see all 4 Mountains???

I think I see Mt Hood, Jefferson, Adams, and I think Rainer in the distance

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