Monday, January 20, 2020

Christmas games and I worked TEA into one of the games

Our family likes to play games, especially at Christmas.    

This year my gift to everyone was games.  Everyone got a different game. We had some much fun playing these games during the break.

We played a Yahtzee Bingo sort of game.

We played 5 Second Rule- which I won!!!!  PlayMonster 5 Second Rule Game - New Edition

We played Pass the Pig

We played Word of Watermelon, and I got to play the word TEAS!  This was s new game for all of us and we enjoyed it.

I only watched this game, it was a smart peoples game....

We also played pass the Jenga game.  I am not sure if I ever won this game, lol!

The boys and I loved playing- Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza

My dad and mom enjoyed watching us play games and have fun.

What are some of your favorite games????

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