Monday, September 16, 2013

FINALLY argo TEA- Chicgo O'Hare Airport

As I was speed walking from gate to gate in the Chicago airport I was PUMPED to see an argo kiosk.  I have wanted to try argo for ages.

222 Merchandise Mart, Suite 113, Chicago IL 60654. Ph: (312) 324-3785 5:30a- 7p(Mon-Fri); closed(Sat, Sun). O'Hare Airport. Terminal 3 Departure Level            

I am trying the cold tea sangria

Tea Sangria®

Refreshing blend of vitamin-rich hibiscus tea infused with fresh red and green apples, oranges and grapes. Relax with the rejuvenating properties of hibiscus tea, rich in vitamin C and other minerals. Served Iced.

Waiting to board the plane. 

on the airplane enjoying my tea!!!

Flying over Chicago...

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