Monday, December 7, 2015

Smith Tea


My happy place- in Portland OR!!!  I told Christy, my sister, that even though this was my third time here, it still did not get old!!!!!  

I did a flight- a taste test of 4 kinds of tea for $8.00
  They give you information cards about the tea and the area they come from, and also the loose tea to smell.

I tried all new kinds this time- except the chai, which I new I loved!!!

They give you the Chai plain, which is nasty, but then they gave you the sugar and milk to add.  It is incredible the difference!   I love the Masala Chai!!!

Kandy- was probably my least favorite.  It is a black tea.  I tried it plain, and I did not like it.  I added milk and it was better, but still my least favorite.

Bai Hao was nice too.  It was an Oolong.

White Petal was a different white tea.  I liked it, but the taste was very unique.

Yummy Chai!!!!!

Christy got the Chocolate Mint Latte,  She really liked it.  It was good, but I am not a huge fan of chocolate in my tea.  But, it was still very good.

As we were paying the nice lady let us try to of the Iced Teas.  We first tried the Strawberry Honeybush- which looks like beer, but was not!!!  We liked this one.  I liked the carbonation that was in it too.

Then we tried a cold carbonated Chai.  Neither of us were fans of this tea.  It was very different, but the taste was just too strange for us.  But, again, that is why tea is so fun everyone has different taste buds and prefers different things!!!

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