Thursday, March 24, 2016

Traveling tea- give me a call!!!

I'm hoping to take my tea on the road!!!!  Electricity not needed!!!

I have my own burner to heat the water.....

a tea pot that can sit on the heat.  And the tea pot folds down to lay almost completely flat.

How cool is that!!!  Pretty compact.

Has a metal bottom.
I've got my matching plastic cups

When I was in Africa in 2006 we were given tea - ceremonial tea style.  It was really neat.  Then when I was in Thailand in 2016 I met a missionary/International Worker, who said that her daughter did these teas with friends and also shared the gospel.  I LOVED THE IDEA!!!!
You first have Tea is as bitter as death, then strong as love, then sweet as life
It makes a great connection to life with out God is bitter as death, then God loved us so much he died for us, and now we have life in him and it is sweet
I hope to take this to my Sunday School class, show my friends, maybe my ESL class.  It is a neat ceremony, plus the illustration with the tea is memorable.

Tea ceremony in Africa
I also figure I can take the tea pot (with electricity- because I have a travel electircal burner too) to friends houses and teach them about tea.  I could bring over black tea, green tea, white tea, herbal tea, Oolong tea, etc and show the difference between the teas and how the water temperature and steeping times do matter!  Excited about traveling with my tea!

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