Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Making fresh Mint tea with the ICED TEA MAKER

I hope you are playing with your tea!!!!  I love summer when I fresh mint and fresh raspberry leaves to add to my tea.  The raspberry leaves I don't think add flavor that you can taste, but the leaves are good for upset, I add it.  I add mint leaves, raspberry leaves and then a flavor to go with the mint.  Today I did fresh raspberries and fresh lavender!  The tea is sooo wonderful.  It is fresh and summer tasting.  I know - what does summer taste like?  Well, for me it is fresh mint and fresh berries!!!  I also add Plantation Mint and Plantation Raspberry tea, for extra flavor since my mint crop is not overly plentiful.

you can see some of the berries, mint and lavender in the bowl.  I run the water threw twice and make two batches.

Again, play with your tea!!!  Take a mint base and add other teas to it.  I also have lemon balm which is great with the mint and lavender.  Be creative.

This is the first run and now I'll take another pitcher and make more.  I only add a 1/3 sugar to the tea.  I don't like it super sweet.

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