Thursday, July 27, 2017

The Wild Plum Tea Room, Gatlinburg TN


My entire family (all 11 of us) went to Gatlinburg to celebrate my parents 50th. My parents had been to this tea house before, my sister said we had eaten here in 1994, but I don't remember it.   Glad we made reservations well in advance, but it was busy and people were getting turned away.  It was girls day- so my mom, my two sisters, my niece and I had a very nice meal.

The tea house sits a bit off the road nestled in among some trees. 

Wild Plum Tea (served hot or cold) 3.00- since it was over 90 degrees I got the cold tea. It was really refreshing!!!!  I think I had 3 glasses of it. 


 The Wild Plum muffins are served with all entrees.  These were nice little bites.

I was so hungry and I just needed to eat something before I got a headache.  I ordered the humus. It was really good- it had a kick to it.  I enjoyed snacking on it while we waited for our food.

I ordered the chicken salad it came with the peanut soup and quinoa salad.  I loved it all.  So very tasty!!

My mom got a great salad plate, I think it had 5 salads on it with humus.

My older sister got the Strata.
My niece got the chicken salad with fruit and sconce
    My younger sister got the same thing I did, but I think she got a kale salad instead of quinoa.
The table looked beautiful with all of our food on it.  We joked about getting all the photos taken so we would finally eat.
Why it that even with such small servings I am satisfied?  I think it is that we eat with our eyes and my eyes are happy with what they see :)
The dessert sampler or was it the dessert trio- there was some debate.
trying the goodies.

What a nice afternoon with my family.

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