Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Thai Thai Christmas Boba Tea

So, on my Facebook feed this popped up.  Christmas Boba Tea!  I thought it sounded fun.  I texted a few friends to see who was up for a spontaneous adventure.  My friend, Heidi, happened to be free so we headed the hour up to Lakewood.

Thai Thai is a great little Thai restaurant. It may be somewhat on the small side, but the charm and food make up for the lack of seating.  It was neat to see how many locals came in.  Everyone who came in seemed to know each other.  They all talked and hugged, it gave a wonderful small town feel.

The menu was written in chalk on the wall.  So many things sounded delicious. 

There was also a printed menu. :)

Because the restaurant was so busy, we had to wait to be seated.  As we waited to be seated we ordered the yummy Christmas Boba tea.

It was like a Peppermint ice cream milkshake with bobas, whip cream on top with sprinkles, a candy cane on the side, peppermint and chocolate around the rim with a ginger snap cookie on top.
 Each tea had a ornament on it as well.

The bubble tea was super tasty.  It was also $8.00, a little pricey...okay a lot pricey.  But, a fun experience.

I figured for $8 I should take lots of pictures. :)

I totally recommend the Thai Thai Restaurant and their street food!!  The bubble tea was delicious, albeit a pit pricey.  t was a great spontaneous adventure.

I ordered spring rolls as an appetizer, they were so good. The price for the food was all very reasonable.

I ordered the Massaman Curry.  It was outstanding!! The mix of spices and flavors it was so authentic.  I reminded me of being in Thailand.  I sure wish it was not an hour away. 

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