Friday, July 19, 2019

Teavana Lavender Citrus Sage old vs new...

I was beyond excited to see Teavana came out with bagged teas. My favorite of all the Teavana teas was Lavender Citrus Sage!!!  I discovered Lavender Citrus Sage tea in 2013. 
I first went into a Teavana store with my sister out in Vancouver Washington.  It is was started my love of loose leaf teas and my blogging.  I couldn't believe I had never discovered such wonderful tastes in tea before.  I wanted the world to know that they needed to ditch their tea bags and all use loose leaf tea.
I was so sad when Teavana closed all of their stores.

What is in my favorite tea??? The ingredients include: Candied pineapple pieces, (pineapple, sugar), sea buckthorn berries, citrus slices, orange juice bits, flavoring (pineapple, tangerine, orange, grapefruit, lemon), pineapple chips, apple slices, lavender blossoms, sage.

I had been saving this tea not wanting to use it all, I was afraid when it all gone I would never find a tea like again.

Ingredients- apple, lemon verbena, candied pineapple, natural flavors, rose hips, orange peel, licorice root, lavender, chamomile pollen, and malic acid 

Then I discovered Lavender Citrus Tea.  I tried it and I HATED it!!!  As soon as I tried it I knew there was chamomile in it.  Why, Why, Why!!!  Why would they ruin my wonderful tea with chamomile??!!

I can't wait to try the other flavors and see if they are any good.  I am so disappointed.  I just wish they had given it a completely new and different name.

If you still want to try this bagged tea- or other flavors, you can get it at Walmart and Target. At Walmart the tea is $5.47 a container and has 15 bags.

Target has the tea for $5.79

So, it is back to the drawing board. trying to find a tea that lives up to my lavender citrus sage.

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