Thursday, April 16, 2020

Day 20, Featuring Teas and Such, Grapefruit Oolong

Today is day 20 of working from 30 of sheltering at home.  I am again fever free, so I am good to go!

I am featuring this tea company I have been following on Instagram.  I decided to take this time to help out a small business and get a new tea to try- win win!!

Package arrived!!  I also purchased one of their sampler packs- I can't wait to try these too! Right now they have free shipping too.  Check them out and look for their codes!

Today, I am trying the Grapefruit Oolong.  I love a good oolong.

Ingredients: Oolong Tea, Natural Grapefruit Flavor, Orange Peels, and Marigold Flowers

This tea smells amazing!!  The grapefruit aroma is so strong, I love it!! I open the package and the aroma is so great.  I love just smelling it.

I used my World Market mug, this mug is so fun, because it has a built in steeper.

Normally, I don't heat Oolong water to over 195 degrees, this tea said to go to 212 degrees.  I stayed at 195 degrees- it's up to you. I know I always say follow the label, but this time I didn't.  I steeped for 3 minutes and I got two great cups of tea out of one "serving" of tea.

This tea is so great.  It did not have the oolong flavors that I was used too, but I did enjoy the flavors a lot.  The grapefruit was not overpowering it has nice notes.  I liked the citrus notes.  This tea is light, but has lots of flavor.

Today we had our first staff meeting since we have all started working from home.  It was nice to see my co-workers on our Zoom call.  I dressed up, lol!  Okay, maybe not dress up, I did have fun wearing my new work shirt though.

I had another friend stop by today for a Chai.
If you drive by, please feel free to stop and have a free tea.

Hope you are finding Joy and sharing Joy this week!

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