Friday, April 17, 2020

Day 21, featuring Smith Teamaker, Fez

Today is day 21 of working from home.  I was fever free so I enjoyed working today.

I featured, Fez tea, today.  This is a Steven Smith Teamaker tea.  This is a great tea.  I love the mint in this tea with the hint of lemon.  The tea is light and bright.  It is one of my favorites from Smith Tea.

I first had this tea in 2013 when I actually drank this tea with Steve Smith while wearing a fez!!  True story!!

My sister and I wearing Fez hats while drinking Fez tea.

  2013 in Portland OR.

We drank tea flights with our Fez hats and Steve Smith actually joined us!!

Spring harvested full leaf Mao Feng China green tea, Pacific Northwest spearmint leaves and Australian lemon myrtle

I enjoyed a cup of tea...but I also made their iced tea.  It is great also!!  They sell loose leaf tea, their sachet bags, and iced tea bags for Fez tea.  I have them all and I am happy to share a cup with anyone...the Kettle's On!!  

Feel free to stop by the porch and pick up a cup to go.

I hope that you are finding joy and giving joy.

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