Wednesday, February 17, 2021

Health-Ade Grape Kombucha

Health-Ade is one of my all time favorite kombucha companies.  When I see them on sale I love to pick some up.  I saw this Grape Vibes flavor for the first time, so I wanted to try it.

It was really good and it is SO healthy for you.

From the website, "Kombucha is a traditionally fermented beverage, not a supplement or prescription. We like to view our bubbly, fermented beverage like you would yogurt, kefir, or even your favorite fruit or vegetable: something wholesome and natural that helps you feel good. Naturally, Health-Ade Kombucha, like other fermented foods, contains healthy acids and living probiotics - both of which are key ingredients to a healthy gut! Most people drink kombucha for the great taste, to replace sugary sodas and because it makes them feel good. We hope you feel the same!    Simply put, fermentation is when friendly bacteria (aka probiotics), yeasts and enzymes convert our sweetened, brewed tea into our tasty, high-quality kombucha. A couple of things to note - all kombucha is made with sugar (it's the food for the probiotics!) AND Health-Ade uses the highest quality ingredients to make the best tasting brew."

Kombucha Culture
Organic Black Tea
Organic Green Tea
Organic Grape Juice

Unsure if you want to try kombucha? Find a fruit that you like and try that one.   I really like this grape one, but my favorite is the Pink Lady Apple one.   But, there are lots of fruit flavors to try- pomegranate, pineapple, watermelon, passion fruit, orange, etc.

I like this kombucha, I am giving it 4 tea cups.

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