Monday, February 15, 2021

Tea Globe by Infusion Express

I was super excited to be given this Free Tea Globe from Infusion Express. 

There is some glitter in the tea globe.  It is beautiful.

I add the globe to my cup.  They say to use boiling water.  Normally, with oolong tea I would not be adding boiling water, but I guess that helps the globe dissolve. 

The water is turning blue, so I am assuming that there is butterfly pea blossoms in the globe itself. 

I let it steep for 3-4 minutes.  I can see the glitter in the tea.  I tried to stir the tea, but there is a bit of sugar at the bottom...and to be honest I don't want that sugar in my oolong tea.  I am wondering if I should have jut cracked the globe and gotten the tea bag out, I know that defeats the purpose of the globes.

There was a sugary residue left at the bottom of the cup.

Also a gooey glitter residue on my cup and even my hands as I tried to clean the glass.  i don't like the thought I was drinking that residue.  And that was probably some of the taste that I did not like.

Sadly I gave this tea globe 1 tea cup.  The tea was sweet and artificial tasting.  Also, there was a fake taste that should not be in tea- I am wondering if it was the glitter or the food coloring.  The oolong tea had the oolong smell and flavor, but it was overtaken by the sweet, non-tea flavors.  I did about two sips and had to pass and toss it.  They only reason they get 1 tea cup is the packaging.  
I love love love the heart shaped holder that holds the tea.  But, I think oolong is too delicate a tea for all that sugar.  I think a tea with more boldness and flavor and something that can be mixed with sugar is what should be added to the globe.

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