Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Hibiscus Iced Tea

I have always liked hibiscus tea.  I am a huge fan of Starbuck's/Tazo's Passion Tea.When my friend Barb went to Guinea Africa she brought me dried hibiscus flowers to make some iced tea.  I had never made tea that way and was excited to try it.  I immediately loved it. I never went and searched for the dried flowers again, but always hoped some day to find some.  Then this week while visiting my sister in WA, I found dried hibiscus for $5.99 a lb at Chuck's grocery store.  Thrilled I bought a pound.  Now, setting out to remember how to make it, I reviewed some things on line, and made my own recipe and I very pleased with the flavor!!!  Some may like it sweeter, or with a lime squeezed in- but I like it just the way I described it below....

steeping the flowers 15 minutes, then straining into a bowl.  Or if you have another pitcher, that would work too.
I throw out the hibiscus into the garden, they are good for compost.  I have tried to make a second batch of iced tea with the already used flowers, but it does not work.Look at that color!! It is gorgeous!

Look at these beautiful dried flowers!!  And they smell so good too.

Note- this is two cups of dried hibiscus photoed, I decided not to double, but to go one and half.  So, this photo is wrong- I ended up taking out a half cup.

Hibiscus Iced Tea
Makes 2 quart
  • 1 cup (15 grams) dried hibiscus flowers
  • 8 cups boiling water
  • Ice
  • 1/2 cup sugar
I took the recipe one and a half times.  I brought 12 cups of water to a boil, and poured it over 1 1/2 cups of hibiscus flowers for 15 minutes.  Add sugar as you like it, but add when the water is warm. (I don't add much sugar, so I still only put in a 1/2 cup).  Strain into a container and add ice.

*note- I added some lemon sparkling water to my second cup.  I liked the flavor and the fizz.  So, that is another option too.  Make it 3/4 tea and 1/4 sparkling lemon water.

There are many benefits of hibiscus- see this article  

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