Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Smith tea visit 2018, Nitro Chai

I love Smith Tea!  My sister and I first visited in 2013...and while we were drinking our Fez tea- the owner Steven Smith came out with his Fez on and sat with us.  It was wonderful to met him!!  I now try to get back to Smith Tea every year in the Portland area. 

Had another fun visit to Smith Tea in Portland.  I only had a carry on- so I wasn't able to buy all the tea I wanted!!  I will have to have it shipped to me.  My favorite tea of theirs in the Fez tea.

While in the shop we noticed that they had free postcards that we could mail to people and they would put the postage on for us!!  Christy and I mailed one to our parents.  Christy then mailed one to her daughter Katie and to me.  I mailed one to my co-worker Deb.  It was fun to mail free postcards and a great marketing tool for them.

See the specials listed on the "board"

You can see all the busy workers making tea behind the counter.  I love visiting the tea shop.

Smith scones

I love that Smith Tea uses their teas to flavor other products!  I love seeing them expanding their products.  I hope this tea company is around for years to come!

Big  Hibiscus cookies.

They have teas on tap!  Love this idea!!!  The gentleman behind the counter let me try all four tea.

I had fun tasting the samples- Sparkling Meadow, Nitro Blackberry Black, Nitro Chai, and Sparkling Strawberry Honeybush.  
My sister, Christy was with me- she liked the Strawberry Honeybush.

The Nitro Chai was my favorite.

from website,"A velvety cold beverage. Our Nitro Chai combines Assam teas with pungent ginger root, cassia, black peppercorns, cloves and cardamon to create a rich spice brew put on a nitro tap for an effervescent and delicious, creamy experience. Available at both of our Tasting Rooms all year-round. It is dairy free, but you can always add a touch of cream"

I bought some to go.  They put it in this can for me.  I got to watch them bottle it. Super cool!!  It is crazy- this nitro chai.  I have had hot chai, Cold Chai, Mate Chai, Chai in a smoothie, but nitro chai is completely different.  I liked it, not loved it, but really liked the uniqueness of it. 

I got some swag for my computer!

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