Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Yellow Mountain Tea House, Colorado

I was out in Colorado Springs visiting friends that I have met through our church.  On my way to seeing my sister in Washington I spent 2 days in Colorado.  
We decided to try this tea house in Old Colorado City.  My friends said I was an easy guest- as long as tea was involved I was happy!  It is true- give me tea and/or a photo opp and I am very happy!!!

fun teas and tea accessories

This was a nice tea house.  They had a nice selection of tea and tea accessories in the shop.  The gals that were there were super friendly and helpful.  If I lived closer I would visit this place more often.  The prices were reasonable and they had a nice selection.

We had our choice of seating.  We could sit up on the "stage" with an open base.  Or in the back of the room.  The seating area in the back was divided by fun bling, fringe curtains.

We decided to sit in the back.  We each picked a tea we wanted to try.  We were able to do a Chinese Tea Ceremony for $5 a person.  I thought it was a great price.  It was a fun treat.  

Janet went with a blood orange herbal tea

Carrie went with a Matcha and I went with my favorite Coconut Oolong.

The gal came and set up our table with all the tea supplies.

The table had marble base with a trough around the edge.  She poured hot water in the tea pots and cups to warm them up. She then poured the water out into the trough.  There was a small hole in the trough and the water ran below into a container.

The gal prepared each tea.  The herbal tea she let steep in the pot the longest, since a herbal tea you usually steep for 5-6 minutes, Then she made my Oolong since it steeps for 3-5 minutes.  Then she made the Matcha- since that is usually whisked together for a few seconds.  She made a pot of each tea.
With the Oolong tea she used a bowl and lid to pour the tea into a pitcher....using the lid to keep the leaves out.  With the Herbal- she had a tea pot and she used a "stick" to keep the leaves from entering into the serving tea pot.

 from the website- "Chinese sweet tea is a traditional Chinese herbal tea, made from the leaves of Chinese Blackberry (Rubus suavissimus). These leaves contain a natural sweetener, called rubusoside, which is 200 times as sweet as cane sugar. The tea has long been used to alleviate kidney symptoms, and a recent Japanese study also indicates that it has anti-inflammatory effects and helps against allergies.
Sweet tea leaves are no sugar but contains 5% ~ 8% high sweetness Rubusoside, a diterpene glycosides, low-calorie high sweet substance, 300 times than sucrose sweetness, the degree close to the pure sweet sugar, heat production is 1% of sucrose and no accumulation. It is the best sugar substitute for all ages.
It can be used in processing pastry, bread, beverage, chocolate, as well as home-made cooking. It is good for people, especially those who suffers from diabetes, obesity, hypertension, constipation, bronchitis, pollen-allergic, rhinitis, angina and also good for those heavy smokers and drinkers.
Wild sweet tea leaves live on altitude of 2,000 meters mountain, pure nature environment, pollution-free. Sweet tea has a special taste, mellow flavor, quenching thirst, is a rare, valuable, new natural health tea for all seasons drinks.
It contains 18 kinds of amino acids, especially 8 amino acids which cannot be absorbed from food only produced from our body such as lysine, tryptophan, phenylalanine, also rich in various body necessary trace elements and many kinds of vitamins. The high nutrient content is one of the hallmarks of sweet tea. "

Watching the process....

Carrie pouring her Matcha. She really liked it.

We each got a cute little tea pot and a little tea cup- "bowl" to drink tea from.

Love these gals!!!  Carrie and I met in Thailand in 2015 and Janet and I met in 2017 in Columbus.  Even though I haven't known them long or spend much time with them- we connected.  We are all Christians and share a love of the Lord- that is a great base for our friendship!

I was glad I ordered the Coconut Oolong- it was by far my favorite!  I tried Janet's Blood Orange and it was good, but I could not even finish the Matcha tea. It was way to grassy tasting!!!

We ordered chicken steamed dumplings and rice pearl meat balls.

Carrie was checking out the Pu - erh 

Pikes Peak

So much fun in Old Colorado City

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