Monday, December 23, 2019

Tea Drops - Cardamom Spice/Chai Spice

Finally we got some snow in Ohio.  It did not last long, but I enjoyed it while it was around.

I decided to try these teas, these teas are really unique!  They come individually packaged, you add the tea cake to the cup and add hot water- the tea dissolves and you drink.

Check out this cute box for $5.80!

From the website, 

"Perfect starter gift! Mini wood box comes with 2 of our best selling individually wrapped single serve tea drops - Chai Spice and Sweet Peppermint.
Wood box size 3.80" length x 1.25" height x 2.75" width.
Paying homage to the delicate notes of Masala Chai Tea, this is a spicy and sweet treat that is best complemented by a dash of milk.
 Some sediment at the bottom of your cup is expected and drinkable. Lightly sweetened with organic cane sugar.
 PERSONALITY TRAITS: bold, adventurous, spicy, delicate, and sweet. 
She is fierce, spicy, and may or may not be"

Here is the tea cake

I added the water...

And I drank the tea. 

When they say there will be sediment in the bottom of the cup, they weren't kidding.  There was so much sediment in the bottom of the cup that I was able to make a second cup.  But, it all worked out.  Both cups were good, not fantastic but good.
I want more spice out of a chai.  But, I guess if it is just a cardamom tea then it was good, because that it was I tasted the most of.  But, if it was a chai tea it was a bit lacking.

Sediment at the bottom of the cup the first time I made it.  I did just add more water and made the second cup.

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