Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Grosche Tea pot- on stove top

Here was a product test item that I just tested.  

It is a coffee maker, but I am using it to boil water for tea.  It makes just enough for a cup of tea. Since it was free, I had to get the size they wanted me to get, if I were to get it for myself, I would have gotten a large size.  But, this one works great for a single serving.

If I did try to make tea, I would put the loose leaf tea here with the strainer.  (This is where the coffee would go)

You add the water to bottom of the pot and then when the water boils it comes up to the top pot. 

I want to do some playing to see if I can actually make some tea with this pot, or if I just boil the water in it.  I would do a tea that needs to steep awhile and is good with the hot water, like an herbal tea.  There are no tanins in an herbal tea, so if it over steeps it will not get bitter.

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