Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Red Mug, Lumberjack Latte - Mt Hope OH

I love the look and style of this place.  The staff is super friendly here too.  What I love most about this place is that the owners want to glorify God in all they do.  It doesn't get any better than that to me!!!

They have lots of fun drink options, but I have to say I get the same thing every time.  The Lumberjack.

The Lumberjack is a roasted chestnut tea with maple syrup and frothed milk.  It is rich and comforting. 

Note the sign above, it says CHIA Pudding...not CHAI Pudding....see!

I thought it said CHAI, it was Chia pudding.  Still good, but was hoping for Chai.  It was really actually delicious, especially with the fresh fruit on it!!

Gorgeous day in Holmes County.  

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