Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Tea-Biotics Blueberry Kombucha

I went on vacation in Iowa.  While there I wanted to find some "local" kombucha.  I found this one at the grocery store, it is made in Kansas- which is a state below and to the west of  Iowa for those who maybe geographically challenged.

Organic Raw Kombucha (Reverse Osmosis Water, Organic Black Tea, Organic Green Tea, Organic cane sugar), Organic Cold Pressed Blueberry Juice, Blueberry extract.

This Kombucha is really tasty.  I enjoyed the blueberry notes.  The flavors mix well together and I don't find it to be too vinegary.  I am a fan.

When I visited the website I saw that there was a taproom in Kansas with Kombucha on tap.  I would love to have a taproom with my tearoom. 
Lisa Bledsoe started this company in 2010.  She started out of her home and as a way to give up soda.  I love that!!! 

I need to find someone who wants to start a taproom and needs me to run it here in Orrville. 

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