Tuesday, February 9, 2021

Ohio Tea Company Peppermint Sticks

Christmas Day we had some wonderful snow.  It was a white Christmas for sure.  I decided to have some of my Ohio Tea Company tea.  They did a new blend this year, Peppermint Sticks.  It came in their winter pack.

My sister made me scones for Christmas, I was excited to have them with my morning tea.

The tea has broken up peppermint candy sticks in it.

Earl Grey and I enjoyed watching it snow.  I had the bonus of having the tea to drink.  This tea is full of peppermint flavor.   The notes are wonderful. I had several cups.

I am giving this 5 tea cups.  I love the peppermint in this tea. It is soothing and get has a little kick with the peppermint.  It is a black tea so there is caffeine in the tea as well.  I would recommend this tea if you like peppermint.

A friend also gifted me some Peppermint Sick tea for Christmas.    I decided to use my french press to make a cup for work. 

When I make tea in the french press, I put the tea above the press so that I can lift the press when the tea is done steeping, that way I don't over steep it.  Or I put the loose leaf tea a tea bag to steep.

This tea is really great on a cold day and with the peppermint in it, it reminds me of Christmas.

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