Monday, February 8, 2021

Tealyra Coconut Milky Oolong

This tea was a gift.  I got it for Christmas in our work Christmas exchange.  Yes, we made a list of what we wanted, lol!

Taiwanese milk oolong, dried shredded coconut

I then got this unique tea pot for $5 as well.  This tea pot is like no other tea pot I have seen.  It also steeps tea.

There is a basket that holds the tea.  Then there is lever that goes up and down that moves the basket of tea up and down.  Once the tea is steeped, you pulled the lever up and then it folds off to the side to keep the basket up inside the lid so that the tea does not over steep.  It is super clever,  I just adore this pot.
You can see below that the basket it up in the lid and out of sight....and the lever is folded so it does not lower again.  
Here you can see the basket is being lowered into the tea pot.

I add the tea to the basket, close the lid add hot water and steep.  This is an Oolong tea so you want to have the water around 185 degrees.  You also want to steep 2-3 minutes. 

I don't use my tea cups too often, not because I don't love them, but because they don't hold much tea.  I do enjoy using the tea cups when I put tea in a seems so refined, lol.  Plus, you can refill the cup often from the teapot.

Oolong tea is really good with Chinese food.  Oolong is the most common tea served in Chinese restaurants.  The darker roasted oolong.

I am fan of this tea.  Oolong is my favorite tea. And this one has great coconut notes.  And it might seem odd, but there are buttery notes and even a bit of floral note. Taiwan is one of the largest producers of oolong- this is quality tea.  I also am a big fan of the rolled oolong that unfurls while it's steeped.

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