Tuesday, February 2, 2021

Vahdam Teas, Turmeric Ginger


My friend gave me this tea and I love it.  The mix of turmeric and ginger is spot on.  It has a little bit of a spiciness that lingers.  

Three teas came in this really fun and pretty box,  I shared one of the teas with a friend. I hope she enjoys it as much as I do.

I have always enjoyed turmeric tea, even before I knew all the great benefits of the spice. 

This is an herbal tea, so you want your water temp to be over 200 degrees.  You want to steep for 4-5 minutes. I tend to steep on the lower end so that I can get multiple cups of tea. I got two really great cups of tea from one serving.
This tea is really good with milk and some maple syrup added to it.  It is a golden milk latte and really terrific.

This is great tea.  I enjoyed it with some walnut and cranberry toast.

I gave this tea 5 tea cups.  The spices mingle so well together.  The turmeric notes linger awhile after you drink the tea.  This is a great tea.

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