Sunday, July 11, 2021

August Uncommon, Know by Heart

When I make tea in the french press, I put the tea above the press so that I can lift the press when the tea is done steeping, that way I don't over steep it.  Or I put the loose leaf tea a tea bag to steep.

INGREDIENTS: chinese pai mu tan white tea, bulgarian rosehip seed, turkish apple, carob, barley malt, almond, honey, orange blossom, natural flavoring

I purchased 4 Cup samples for $2.99.  It is a great way to try the teas.  I have to say this place has the most unique kinds of tea- you have to check out the website!  Teas like-teas with tobacco, teas with chocolate and chili, teas with smoked banana, and so many more.

This is a white tea, so you don't want to boil the water or it will bruise the leaves.  I like to steep my tea for three minutes, that way I can get two cups of tea out of one serving. This is a light delicate tea.  I enjoyed the notes of orange.

I give the tea 4 out of 5 stars.  I like the flavors of this tea.  The fruity notes and a bit of almond.


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