Sunday, August 8, 2021

Human Bean, Mate Smoothie, Canton OH

I have been giving Plasma in Canton for a's a great way to make money and help people save lives.  In the parking lot of the Plasma place is the Human Bean.

I have tried a few things from the Human Bean and have never been overly impressed. But, I thought I would give them another try.  I got a Mate Smoothie.  It was okay.

I get that this is a coffee place, so I should not expect too much from them for their tea.  The tea seemed to be almost burnt. Mate tea is a more delicate tea, so you should never boil the water.  I think that someone boiled the water.

Also this was not a smoothie, it was more like an iced latte. I was disappointed in that as well.

The drink wasn't horrible, but it was not great either.  I think I have given them a few chances and I am done.  If you try a tea there that you enjoy, please let me know.  

I have tried Smith Fez Iced Tea, and a Smith green tea with lavender iced tea- both were poorly made.  I have had both teas and I know that they can both be really good iced teas.

If you are interested in donating, let me know.  I can give you a reference code that will give both of us some extra cash.

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