Friday, October 15, 2021

blood Orange Humm Zero Kombucha

I found this kombucha on sale.  I was super excited to see a zero sugar added kombucha.  It does not need the extra sugar.  And I like that it does not have stevia in it.

This stuff is so good for you and your gut!!

10 calories!  And the flavors are really nice.  The funny thing you never see Blood Orange in the ingredients.  They list monk Fruit and white grape juice as the fruits.  So, I am not sure if you tell me it is blood orange and I just believe it....or if you combine grapes and monk fruit and they taste like blood oranges.   But, it did taste like oranges to me.

I give this four tea cups out of five.  The down fall for me is the cost.  But, on sale it is great!!  The flavor is really nice, the calories are great.  But, I think that the price is pricey for the smaller can.  I also like that you do not have to refrigerate it since it is in a can.

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