Tuesday, October 12, 2021

Tea Cup Quilled Card

I love this card!!!

I am a fan of quilling, my mom used to do it...and even I have have made a few quilled items.  But, nothing like this card!!!

I found it at Lehmans Hardware in Kidron Ohio.  https://www.lehmans.com/

Each quilled card is beautifully handmade by a highly skilled artisan and takes one hour to create. A quilled card is meant for you to share, treasure as a keepsake, or display as the work of art it is.

I have been looking for just the right frame for this card.  Knowing that the quilling made it thicker and I could not use a regular frame.

Then I was in a second hand store and saw a quilled card that framed!!  Perfect and it was only $2.00.  And now I have a quilled heart card that I can send to someone else. (Although I have no idea what the Chinese writing says, so I want to be careful who I would send it too, lol)

I love that there was a matte already included with the frame.  It is just beautiful and my card is protected. 

Check out the detail.  These cards run about $11...totally worth it.  I would not make this card for $11.00  They have lots of designs and styles.  Check out the website, they are all beautiful!

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