Friday, July 19, 2013

Earl Grey Tealightful tea done several ways

Trying to beat the heat at work, I suggested that we all bring in a gallon of tea.

Product # T2071
Earl Grey Estate Iced Tea
Black tea blend with bergamot oil.
Our Iced tea is fresh and natural unlike most powdered and ready to drink teas which contain high fructose corn syrup(bad) and artificial colors and flavors(also bad). Our filters are made of 100% cellulose fibers and do not contain any bleach. Package contains two 1 oz. pouches. Makes 2 gallons.
Price: $9.00

I get 2 gallons out of each pouch, so that is like getting 4 gallons!

I made two kinds of teas from Earl Grey Estate Iced Teas... I did a regular ice tea and then I made one with lavender.  I grow lavender in my herb garden.  I picked 3-4 springs and steeped it in the tea for around 2-3 hours.  I loved the lavender tea!!!  I then added less than 1/4 cup of sugar.

Charlie brought in some of Robins mint tea- very yummy!  As well as some green tea.  It was fun to have some cool tea when it was in the 90's today!  Maybe next time more people will bring tea in too...hahaha.
Tonight Jill, Keith, the boys, and I went to Canton to see the balloon launch.  I took the teas from today and let the boys taste test.    The balloon launch was canceled.  But, the boys did get to try the tea.  I had  the Earl Grey regular, Earl Grey with lavender, Earl Grey with Huckleberry syrup.  The boys tried them and their first choice was the Earl Grey with Huckleberry.  I think that Kyle just liked the little  bottles that they came in!


This is the syrup I like.  You can get a big bottle for $6.95, and a smaller bottle for like $3.95 ( or maybe $2.95 I can't remember as I type this).  Getting the bottles if syrups are nice if you are having a party.  You can serve plain teas, and then add a variety of syrups.

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