Sunday, July 14, 2013

TEA FORTE English Breakfast

My boss was able to get me some tea when he was at a managers meeting for work!  I was alone in the claims  department after a storm.  I had 24 claims come in and I was uber busy!  But, the next day Todd brings me tea...all is well!  Who needs flowers when I am given tea!!

English breakfast black tea A robust full-bodied cup with a concentrated character of malt and deep undertones that welcome a bit of milk and sugar. Satisfying and delicious, this tea is a great breakfast cup that can be enjoyed throughout the day. -
Ingredients organic Indian Assam black tea
I really like this tea.  It is a good strong tea.  I love adding milk to it as well.


  1. Suggest some good and cheap place in London to have a afternoon tea.

  2. Richoux LTD Tea House in London is the only tea house I have been too in London. It was really nice. GOOD LUCK!!! I would look on line and see if there are any good recommendations.