Thursday, July 11, 2013

MATE FACTOR Yerba Mate- Tropical Lime

I opened the tea bag so the kids could experience the tea drinking with the bombilla straw
Tropical Lime Yerba Mate Tea Bags (formerly Hibiscus Lime Yerba Mate)

Contains 100% Organic Ingredients

Our Tropical Lime tea box contains 20 large tea-bags. All of our tea-bags contain 3.5 grams of tea, DOUBLE the size of most tea-bags on the market, so you can enjoy more of the flavor, nutrition, and energizing effects of Yerba Mate!
Ingredients: Organic Green Yerba Mate, Organic Hibiscus Flowers, Organic Sun-Dried Lime

Naturally High in Vitamin C

This amazing, fruity Tropical Lime yerba mate blend is not only refreshing hot or cold, but is an amazing booster to your body's defense system.

Stainless Steel Bombilla - Stainless Steel Yerba Mate Drinking Straw 

Organic Hibiscus Lime Yerba Mate Tea Bags
my snuggle bunny, Kyle, waiting for the tea to cool down enough for him to try
The kids were not fans of the Tropical was too strong.  But, they did enjoy drinking through the straw though.  Ryan was sure he would drink some of the tea leaves, he was pleasantly surprised that he did not get a single leaf!!!  Maybe the kids will get bombilla straws for Christmas this year!!!
Love discussing tea with the kids!!!

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