Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Tealightful Taste Testing

Having both my sisters, my niece, and three nephews all together at one time only happens about twice a year. Tonight after dinner I asked them if they wanted to have a tea tasting. I was thinking my mom and my sisters, but the kids were all about it!! Katie is 11, Josh is almost 10, Ryan is 7, and Kyle is almost 5.

We tried the teas I sell, Tealightful Teas.  The kids were all about trying chocolate teas.  We tried French Chocolate Mint, Cherry Chocolate Truffle, and Cocoa Kisses

No one knew what teas were in what cups, it was a blind taste test.  Josh did a great job describing what he thought of the teas and flavors!

Ryan was pretty excited to try the teas, he wants to do more tomorrow too!!!  He said that before this he was not a fan of teas, but he likes them now.

Kyle said he did not like teas, but wanted to taste the teas too.  After he tested it, he said he liked the tea!  He said, "I thought I did not like teas, but I tried them and I do like teas."  He was so proud of himself for trying and realizing he did like the teas!!!

All 7 people agreed that French Chocolate Mint was their favorite. 

My sisters thought that the Cherry Chocolate Truffle was a bit weak.  We thought to steep that one longer than 3 minutes next time.  They agreed that they tasted more of the chocolate and not much cherry.

They all agreed that the Cocoa Kisses were more coco tasting than chocolate tasting.

They said that none of them were bad, but they thought that they were maybe weak,.  The kids all wanted their moms to order the French Chocolate Mint tea.  My one sister said that the teas were all good dessert tea.

What fun we had!!!
getting ready for the next round........

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