Tuesday, July 9, 2013

STARBUCKS, TAZO Passion Iced Tea

Love having Starbucks gift cards~  Almost nothing better than free tea!  I bought the Tazo Passion tea, we will have to see if I can make ice tea as good as they can.

Sure, you could travel to an exotic island paradise once a year. Or, you could put that exotic island paradise into a glass and enjoy it any time. This sweet, icy drink infused with hibiscus, exotic herbs and natural tropical flavors may not have all the advantages of a week on a beach. On the other hand, it’s significantly more available.


I am telling you, if  you have not tried this, you need too!!!  I like to get it with half the sugar.  I think it is so refreshing and delicious!!!  You know I love this drink when you see I blogged about this tea at least THREE times!!!

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