Monday, December 30, 2013

Senic River Buelhers, Chai Latte

The other Friday I took the afternoon off to spend it with my newphew Kyle.  I needed some groceries, so while we were at Buelhers he talked me into buying him a smoothie.  He informed me that "Grandma does it", and it is not a treat, it is jsut something to drink.  I chuckled to myself and bought him a smoothie, and I got myself a chai latte.

The Chai was very good!!!  I really enjoyed it. I always am shocked at the prices that places charge for Chai Lattes.  I know that I can make almost 5 lattes at home, for the price of one in a shop.  But I guess you are paying for the ease of someone else making it for, when I purchased a drink, it make Kyle's smoothie .99.
Then after grocery shoppping we went back to my house, and then after school Ryan came over and the two boys helped me decorate my Christmas tree.

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