Thursday, March 6, 2014

Bottled Teas, Inko's White Tea

Look at what was on sale... PURE LEAF TEA... Peach Tea $1.00! This tea is good, it probably falls in the top 5 of bottled drinks for me.  I was happy to see at Buelhers on sale.  I bought 5 of them.  And when I think about it, I cringe...I just spent $5.00 on drink!  I need to make my own tea and it would have no sugar and cost soooo much less!

There 3 drinks pictured above are my THREE favorite bottled drinks.  I really try not to drink soda any more.  And I really try not to drink these bottled drinks anymore either because of the sugars...and the price.  The past summer I discovered a solution to that problem!  Sugar free bottled tea for .25!  The trick is to find it in stock any more.

Inkos White Tea I like to get at Kidron Discount Store for .25!!!  4 for a $1.00. 
I was able to purchase this tea twice.  The first time I was not sure I would like it so I only bought 4.  Then I tried it and at first I did not like it, then after the second bottle I thought, I really do like this.  I think it is an acquired taste- first because there is no sugar, and second because it is white tea and that is more delicate.  I went back the second time and bought 2 cases.  And when at .25 a bottle I should have purchased more.  I have been back several times and they have never had it since.  That is the thing with salvage stores, you never know what you will get. 

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