Monday, October 13, 2014

Victorian House- Ysenburgstr 13 Munich Germany

Decided I needed to find some tea!!! I missed not going here when I visited in 2012.  SO, I could not wait to walk to this tea house....about 30 minute walk from my cousins apartment

The Victorian House (am Rotkreuzplatz)

Restaurants und Gaststätten
Ysenburgstr. 13, 80634 München
  • 089 / 012 271 407 677

heres is the outdoor patio

The walk to the Victorian House was beautiul!!!!  I was so excited to get there!

 The giddy look on my face!!!!  This was my first trip here....I would end up going to two other Victorian Houses, and come again here to this one on my last day in Munich.  Yes, I love the tea experience.

I got the Jasmine Blossom Tea- it was really good.  I would recommend it!!!

I almost teared up, I was so excited to have "tea" at the Victorian House!!!!

I loved the way the sanwiches came all stacked together.  There was cucumber, ham, salmon, and chopped egg  - Just the right amount! 

The inside of the restaurant
I thought the prices were good, except I thought that 6.80 Euros for a pot of tea was a bit pricey.
This cute area is right across from the restaurant.  The whole setting is so idyllic.

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