Monday, May 11, 2015

Making mint tea in France with Mint Brook Meadows Tea

Here I am in FRANCE!  I am on a mission trip- I am staying with a couple I have never met before.  But this lady soon becomes a kindred spirit!  We both love tea.  She has some frozen mint and frozen Lemon Verbena - and I brought some Mint Brook Meadows Tea from Dalton, Ohio.  So, we made my mom's tea recipe.
Sun Tea/Ditch Tea
3/4 of a gallon of water.
Mom told me that she learned- if you take the leaf off the stem it will make the tea less bitter.  So, I took the leaves off the stems.
Once the water was boiling, we added the tea leaves, and I added 3 bags of Mint Brook Tea
Add lid and let it steep for 15-20 minutes
Mom then poured it into a pitcher, she uses a strainer to catch the tea bags and leaves
Mom then adds about 2/3 cups sugar

To this recipe I doubled it and I did 3 bags of Spearmint Mint Brook and 3 bags of Peppermint and then we also added Lemon Verbena

I drank it warm and boy was it good!!!  I enjoyed it the next few days too.  Fun to be in France and have reminders of home :)

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