Friday, December 28, 2018

Coffee & Tea Zone, Colorado Springs CO, 2018

 I stopped off in Colorado Springs to see some friends  I have met on along the way in my life.  I had a blast being with them over the course of 2 days!  So many great memories and lots of laughs.

I went down town to eat lunch with my friends, and then we headed to find tea!  I mean, really- why not find tea, lol.  My friends said I was easy to please on this trip.  I said of course, give me tea, and a photo moment and I am happy.  You throw in good food and laughter and I am a happy camper!!

We looked at Google to see what tea places were close and what looked good and we saw Coffee & Tea Zone.  I thought an Iced Chai sounded good since it was 92 out.

They had several choices of flavors- Tahitian Vanilla, East India Spice, Green Tea, and Wild Raspberry.  I asked what was the most popular and he said East India Spice, so I went with that one.

My friend went for her favorite Matcha and had the bubbles added.  Since I knew I was going out for bubble tea later tonight, I went without the bubbles.

This was more a frozen chai then iced, but I thought that made it better.!

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