Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Starbucks, Singapore Airport, Passion Iced Tea

After two weeks in Malaysia I was flying home through Singapore. I could have flown home through Hong Kong, but I had been there already three times- it was time for something new.  I had never been to Singapore, so I decided to fly home that way.  I figured why not, plus, I could try new teas.

I landed in Singapore and had a five hour layover. It was time to look around.
This airport was amazing!!   It is my favorite airport- there is a movie theater, butterfly area, sunflower garden, cactus garden rooftop area, orchid garden, and more.

The flowers everywhere were gorgeous!

I realized that I was in Terminal 2 and there were not a lot of options for tea here.  Looking at the map, I missed TP (Taiwan Professionals) Tea. A bubble tea shop near where I was hanging out.  My only regret...I guess I can get over it.  And maybe I will be in the airport again....

I decided for a quick stop at Starbucks for my favorite Passion Iced Tea and added a mushroom souffle /quiche thing to my order. 

It was very tasty

I also picked up a fun Singapore Starbucks mini mug

This is the year of the Pig.
What a great airport!

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