Monday, July 29, 2019

BingZ Harvest Apple Kombucha

Here is another Kombucha I tried after buying it at Walmart for $2.99.  Walmart sells Kombucha for over a $1.00 less than my grocery store.  I still don't buy it often- because $2.99 is still too much for a drink.  But, I like try new one brands when I have a chance and I can write if off a "business" expense. 

The fruit flavor is really good and comes through clearly.  I want to make an apple flavor one now!  It reminds me of a sparkling cider.

This Harvest Apple is a really good Kombucha.  I am a fan.  I am amazed that a year ago you could hardly find any Kombucha in the area and now it is everywhere....and most of it is really good.

I like that is so much healthier than soda too!

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