Saturday, January 18, 2020

12 oz Disposable Coffee Cups, Vanaki Cups

I have been product testing for several companies for products on Amazon.  I am loving it!!!  I am always looking for tea related items. 
 And I jumped on the chance to product test these disposable cups.   I thought these would be perfect for when people come over and I can send them home with a cup of tea.

The box was delivered quickly and the seller did a great job sending the package.

The set comes with - 85, 12 oz Disposable Coffee Cups, Lids, Wooden Stirrers , and 5 Cup Carriers.  All these products come for $29.99, that makes it about .35 a cup.

I have been enjoying these cups.  They keep the tea warm and the outside of the cup doesn't get too hot.  The lids hold on tight and work well.

The set comes with 5 cup carriers.  I love having reliable carriers.  I won't be sharing these carriers, lol.  I take tea to work daily.  It is sometimes difficult to balance multiple cups, but this makes it possible to carry two normal size travel cups.


If you are looking for disposable coffee/tea cups, these really are nice.  So, if you come visit, make sure you ask for a cup of tea to go!!!

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